Novosibirsk Specialized Music School

40 years ago in Novosibirsk there was opened the Specialized Secondary Music School under the Novosibirsk State Conservatoire of M.I. Glinka. The initiator of the school foundation was a rector of the conservatoire, the Honored Art Worker of Russia L.N. Shevchuk

The main purpose of establishment such a school was to arrange a special succeeded system of education for gifted children from the primary stage till their entrance higher educational establishments. Since 1989 Novosibirsk Specialized Music School has been developed under the leadership of its headmaster (director) A.T. Martchenko, the Honoured Art Worker of Russia.

As fruitful results of many talented and creative teachers’ long-year forces and activities there have become all-world known popularity and fame of lots of school students, who are applauded by the admired audience of many countries of Europe, Asia and America. Among these students there are winners of some greatest International and All-Russian competitions: the violinists — Vadim Repin, Anton Barakhovsky, Maxim Vengerov, Natalia Prischepenko, Ilya Konovalov, Alexander Trostyansky; the pianists — Maria Mitina, Natalia Taldykina, Tatyana Abramova, Tatyana Chernichka, Ilya Rashkovsky, Polina Kondratkova; the celloists — Alexander Neustroev and Ekaterina Bazanova; the oboeist Michail Zhuravlev; the clarinetists Stanislav and Danila Yankovsky; the balalaika player Alexander Marchakovsky; the domra player Andrey Kougaevsky; the bayan player Roman Zhbanov and others.

In 2003 the status of the school was changed into Novosibirsk Specialized Music School. Nowadays NSMSH is a complicated educational and creative structure included the combined teaching of the young gifted musicians both the professional musical knowledge and skills and the general education. At present more than 180 students from Novosibirsk, many regions, towns and republics of Russia and some foreign countries are studying at the school.

Young musicians are trained the following specialties: piano, organ, violin, viola, cello, bass, harp, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, percussion, bayan, accordion, domra, balalaika, guitar, academic vocal and theory of music.

Along with the professional training the students receive a fundamental humanitarian education. Deep knowledge in philosophy, aesthetics and world arts is believed to be very important for future professional musicians.

Within the period of 40 years of its existence the school was finished by more than 500 young talented musicians

Who continued their study at the Conservatoires of Novosibirsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as at Higher Educational Establishments of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Norway, Sweden, usa and other countries.

The remarkable and valuable contribution to initiation and development of young gifted musicians teaching traditions has been made by such experienced teachers as: M.S. Lebenson, D.L. Shevchuk, L.A. Silaeva, I.I. Berman, S.P. Gindis, J.L. Lozhnikova (piano); Z.N. Bron, M.B. Liberman, A.V. Gvozdev, M.A. Kuzina, G.G. Feldgun, M.I. Turich, O.V. Martchenko, E.V. Baskina, (violin); U.N. Mazchenko (viola); E.Z. Nilov (cello); A.M. Taran (oboe); N.P. Furenkova (flute); V.Y. Yankovsky (clarinet); A.I. Guryanov (basson); V.L. Sournatchev (percussion); N.N. Samoilov (balalaika; E.P. Yankovskaya (domra); A.V. Krupin and A.N. Romanov (buttonaccordeon); Stremousova (accompanement class); G.K. Pavlova (chamber ensemble class); I.I. Alexandrov (a composer); T.S. Kornyakova, N.L. Alexandrova, E.A., A.G. Mikhailenko (a theoretical class).

The school traditions of teaching and bringingup the talented students have been developing in high professional activities of the pianists L.V. Smeshko, E.A. Romanovskaya, T.G. Turich, R.A. Bolshakova, S.A. Pudovkina, A.S. Kislitsina; the trumpeters S.A. Arkhipov; the saxophonist A.A. Tourygin; the French horn player M.V. Kositsin; the bayan player G.P. Tchernichka; M.A. Suvorova — accompaniment class; L.I. Khrulkova and S.F. Kurbetova — chamber ensemble class; L.V. Goncharova, L.K. Antipova, F.I. Trakhtenberg — theoretical class.

During many years the great and various work on organizing the teaching process, forming the teaching staff and arranging creative activity of the school is being done by head teachers (curriculum directors) L.V. Goncharova and M.G. Pronina.

One of the important activities of the school teachers is the methodical work carried out both at school and different cities and towns of Siberia. The work includes holding of masterclasses and teaching skills development courses intended for teachers of Children’s Music Schools, Children’s Schools of Arts and Special Secondary Educational Establishments as well as development of manuals and author’s programs.

For the last 5 years 78 students of the school became laureates of international competitions, 58 students — of All-Russian competitions, 103 students — of regional competitions, 134 of them being the winners.

Every year more than 50 students of NSMSH are awarded for their great achievements with grants by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, the Governor of Novosibirsk Region (Oblast), Novosibirsk Mayor, Vadim Repin, A.G. Mikhailenko, the School Patronizing Committee and the Association of the «ksk», Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, M. Rastropovich International Charity Foundation, the Foundation «Russian Performing Arts».

One of the main parts of the professional training of young musicians is their regular performing at various concerts (more than 150 concerts annually).They constantly perform as soloists with the Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, the Chamber and Brass Orchestras of Novosibirsk Philharmonic and other Russian cities orchestras. They are invited to take part in concerts and festivals in Moscow and abroad. This is encouraged by the long fruitful relationships of the school with the Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments, the Chamber and Brass Orchestras of Novosibirsk Philharmonic. The school students — soloist, ensembles, the Youth Symphony Orchestra — are constant participants of different festivals and concerts held in Novosibirsk. They are always invited to perform at various magnificent creative actions organized by Vladimir Spivakov International Charity Foundation, M. Rastropovich International Charity Foundation, and the Foundation «Russian Performing Arts” in Moscow and abroad.

The brightest artistic events of the recent years have been the joint concerts of students of NSMSH and Novosibirsk State Choreography College held at the stage of the Great Hall of Novosibirsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre.

The special proud of NSMSH is Novosibirsk Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by E.Nagiev. The orchestra performs with constant great success in the best halls of Novosibirsk, at concert halls of Omsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo.

NSMSH has the Youth Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments conducted by R.V. Dilmukhametov, the Laureate of All-Russian Competition. In 2009 the orchestra became the laureate of N.N. Kalinin All-Russian Competition of orchestras and ensembles of Russian Folk Instruments.

Besides the teaching process there are held large-scale All-Russian and international creative actions at NSMSH. The last 5 years were marked by such bright events as the Competitions of the young performers of the Brass and Percussion instruments «The Siberian Musical Assemblies” , the Open A. Murov’s Competition of the young composers, and others.

A good tradition of NSMSH has been meetings of students and teachers with outstanding musicians — former students of the school, laureates of greatest international competitions — the Honoured Artist of Russia Vadim Repin, Anton Barakhovsky, Maxim Vengerov, Ilya Konovalov. Master-classes for young musicians were given by the Honoured Art Workers of Russia V.P. Bezruchenko and V.L. Kudrya, the People’s Artist of Russia A.T. Skobelev, the Professor of Higher Music School of Heidelberg-Manheim (Germany) I. Schmitz and other famous musicians.

A master-class for musicians of Youth Symphony Orchestra was given by the People’s Artist of Rusia, the State Premium Laureate, Professor F. Mansurov and the conductor Lee Jae Joon (Republik Korea).

The cooperation of the NSMSH with Ulsan High School of Arts (Korea) continues its development. The mutual professional interest has resulted in the joint performance of the young musicians both in Novosibirsk and Ulsan.

The NSMSH has a solid material basis. The school building with has classrooms both for individual and group training, two concert halls, a library with a reading room, a records library, a recording studio, a gymnasium, workshops for musical instruments mending, administrative facilities. The school building is equipped with professional musical instruments made by leading world firms (royals, the organ, brass, percussion, string and folk instruments).

Since 2006 young musicians coming to study at school from other cities and countries can live in a newly built comfortable hostel in singleroomed and two-roomed boxes. In the hostel there is a canteen, an ambulance room, a gym, a room for relaxing, three kitchens for individual cooking, a laundry, and a cloakroom. In 2009 there was opened the modern school sports ground having a professional surfacing. In May 2012, the grand opening of the new NSMSH Concert Hall, connected by a transition with the educational building, took place. The hall became a permanent rehearsal and concert venue for the youth symphony orchestra and the orchestra of Russian folk instruments. The hall also hosts concerts of students, students and teachers of the school.